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Related post: The Second Chronicles of Kovzland Book 1: Return of the Kovz King Chapter Two It was mid-morning by the time I awoke. I could tell because the room was bright with sunlight diffused through the soft, white, chiffon curtains. Although my sleep had been deep and filled with delightful dreams of play and boyhood, I felt an eerie fear creep into me. I was, after all, in a strange house, without family or friends to comfort me. It seemed deathly quiet and I lay there with the blanket pulled up beneath my chin wondering why no one had come to wake me. Still, the bed felt so clean and soft that my fear couldn't last long. I glanced to my right and saw a small, stuffed brown teddy bear smiling into nowhere. Grinning childishly, I let one of my arms slip from the blankets, pulling the bear halfway back under the covers and holding it against my bare chest, snuggling it against my neck. This was a very immature thing to do, even for a boy my age and I knew it, but it felt nice to have a soft, furry friend. After a few minutes of smiling with the bear, I looked around more openly at the room. Apart from the brightness of the morn- ing, it looked the same as it had the night before and I felt reassured that no one had come in during the night. I wondered if it would be okay for me to look around the room and looked into the bear's eyes for an answer. He didn't say anything, however, and I finally put him back on the bed. Swallowing uncertainly, I slipped my legs from beneath the blankets and let them dangle over the side of the bed, sitting there with my white silk panties the only thing separating me from nakedness. I sat there for a long moment as if expecting a dozen guards to pedo pic child come tearing into the room to beat me for my bravado. When none came, however, I felt emboldened enough to push myself off the bed and jump down onto my legs. Again I stood there testing for reactions and again the room and house remained silent. With an impish grin at my fears, I walked over to the large wardrobe against the wall. It was huge compared to me and I doubted I would be tall enough to use it very well. Still, its size seemed to beg curiosity and I was very curious about what lay inside. I opened one of the doors and leaned my head down to peer in as if being cautious not to let any monsters jump out. When none did, I stood back up and pulled the door wide, my other hand instantly moving over to pull open the other door. It was made of mahogany, deeply stained and beautiful. Inside, just within my reach, were shelves and cubby holes, all empty. Below them were several drawers and I tested each one again with no discov- eries. When I looked up, however, I found that the inside of the doors each had full length mirrors on them. This was a find indeed for I was astonished to discover that I didn't know what I looked like. I saw the small, skinny boy in the mirror looking at me with as much curiosity as I looked at him. He/I had long blond hair, the silky strands falling down into my eyes and curling slightly against my neck, though not so long that it reached my thin, pink shoulders. Beneath my bangs, my eyes were a pale blue gazing out beneath long, black eyelashes, so long they almost looked like I had mascara on. My face was pale but flushed slightly at the cheeks, the skin as smooth and unble- mished as any I might imagine. Oddly, I felt a pang of jealousy in my heart for the face in the mirror, though even I knew that it was mine. I thought I was very cute. Below my face, round but angularly shaped like a young boy's, my neck looked very thin; not skeletal thin, but seeming too slender to support my head which I thought now looked too big for me. I had no adam's apple or anything to break the smooth, slenderness of my neck. It joined to my thin shoulders between the hard ridges of my collarbones, just above the small, childish mounds of my immature chest. My arms dangled long and slender, without any rippling sign of muscle or the slightest silver hair. At their end, my hands hung limply, looking too large for the thinness of my wrists and forearms. My nipples looked very little, colored a childish pink that contrasted beautifully against the pale softness of my small chest. I had so little muscle, my little chest swelling almost imperceptibly beneath my nipples before fading smoothly into the gentle ripples of my ribs. These didn't poke out, but they were visible beneath my smooth, pale skin. Gazing still farther down, my rib cage led to a thin, baby soft stomach, my belly button looking small and cute against the smooth skin. The panties were so skimpy that my belly was visible almost down to the mound between my legs and the skin looked unbelievably smooth and soft. I felt myself absently licking my lips as I gazed at it. I felt even more enchanted by my panties themselves. They clung tightly to my slender boy hips, the white fabric stretched tightly enough that the pale, pink softness of my skin could just be made out beneath. Between my legs, my penis made a little bulge in the soft fabric, showing little more than the small size of my boyhood, the pale blush of purple that was my little penis head, and strongly hinting that my penis was hairless. My legs were still childish farther down, my thighs and calves running down to my feet in slender, un-muscled, pale perfection. Although I couldn't see them in the mirror, I knew I had little silver hairs on my calves. Otherwise, my legs were smooth and totally hairless, my knees looking a little bony. I thought my feet looked a little large, but who can tell on an eleven year old boy? Feeling embarrassed, I adjusted the opposing mirror so I could see my back. It looked thin, my small shoulder blades the only thing that rippled and my shoulders un-broadened like older boys' were. My spine made slight ripples down the center. Beneath it, my butt looked small and round through the tight silk. The back of my legs looked as smooth and hairless as the front had. I turned back, put my hands on my hips and smiled at the boy in the mirror. I thought I was a pretty good-looking boy and I enjoyed the near naked beauty of my body in the panties. My hips pressed forward a little and I grinned when I saw my little penis poke more prominently from the front. It still looked very small, but I thought it was beautiful. I felt an odd infatuation with my body and I stood there looking at pedofilia photos girls it in the mirror. I was imagining my penis naked, felt a strange desire to pull the panties down and see it in its hairless boyhood. It felt very strange and I wondered if all boys felt the same attraction for their own bodies and penises. I wondered, too, if I could make it get an erection all by myself. Maybe I could rub on it and get the same feeling in it that... The door behind me was unlocking and I felt my face flush hot with embarrassment, though I didn't know why. I turned as if in terror, watching the doorknob turn, standing there in my skimpy clothing between the mirrors. I didn't even know why I felt so ashamed as I watched the door open. As I watched it moving, I felt an incredible desire to run and hide myself beneath the covers. There wasn't time, however, and I stood there watching in muted terror as Mama entered my room. "Oh, so you're finally awake," she smiled, crossing into the room as if oblivious to my near nudity. I stood there watching her and couldn't say anything. My heart was pounding with guilt and shame and I was acutely aware of the little bulge of my penis in my panties. There was a strange feeling in it, the feeling that it got just before it got hard and yong girl pedo I wondered why I would get a boner just by being caught thinking about it. "Come here, now, honey," she said, motioning for me to join her by the bed. I obediently walked over to her with my face flushed. Given a choice, I would have run away and not let her look at me, but I was just a boy toplists pedo and she was an adult so I walked over to her swallowing nervously. She sat down on the bed and her hands reached out to me as I approached. They felt good as they held to my slender abdomen, but I felt very embarrassed. "There, now," she smiled as her hands held to my bare, skinny belly, "what do you want to do today, sweetie?" The question confused me, but I shrugged. "Play, I guess," I said, thinking that was a safe answer. I felt so small standing before her and looked down at the ground in bashful uncertainty. "Well, good for you," the woman smiled. "What do you want to play?" underground pedo porno I shrugged, not looking at her. I felt an odd fear that she would think that I wanted to play with her (whatever game they played at her age) but she didn't seem to want to play with me. "Well, you can't play with Eric, today," she sighed. "Tomor- row... Can you play by yourself today, honey?" I shrugged and nodded. I didn't know any other way to play. ilegal angelgallery pedophilia "Well, good then," she grinned, giving my skinny body a twist in her hands. "What do you have to play in, dear?" I wasn't sure what she meant and didn't say anything or look any higher than the carpet. That was okay, however, because she stood and took up my little silk clothing. "Well, a boy can't be caught playing in things like these," she sighed, tossing them on the bed. "Let me get you some of Eric's clothes." Without kids pedo nude another word, she returned the way she'd come and disappeared out the door. I stood there, afraid to move or even speak. I looked around the room uncomfortably, wondering what I was supposed to do. It teen pedo pic took a long while of fear and uncertainty before the woman reap- peared with a small bundle of clothes in her hands. "These are too small for Eric now," she confided setting them down on the bed and towering above me, "but they should fit you just fine." I felt my heart skip several beats as the woman leaned over and unceremoniously peeled my panties down my skinny legs. My hairless penis lay there on my testicles and I felt my face blush crimson with heat and embarrassment. I felt the same tingling sensation in my testicles and was deathly afraid my penis would flare into erection again. With scarcely a pedo groups glance at the little thing, however, the woman picked up a pair of white cotton briefs and I stepped into them with silent obedience. She seemed unaware of my embarrassment as she pulled the tight elas-tic band up to my hips and enclosed my penis within it. She seemed totally unaware of my nudity and I stood there silent and blushing, wondering why my bare penis seemed to entrance me, Eric, Father Donovan and all the others, and yet did nothing whatsoever for her. I stood and watched as she pulled a pair of cutoffs from the clothes, then again lifted my feet and obediently let her pull them up my legs. The underwear had left my penis somewhat ex- posed, at least by showing the little bulge. In the shorts, it was completely hidden. I felt better. The clothes, though too small for Eric, were still a little large for me but not awkward- ly so. "What are you doing?!" a man's voice sounded behind american pedo pics us. I turned in terror and saw Master Thorne cross the room to where we stood. He didn't seem as angry as he sounded, but he looked at me and Mama with extreme displeasure. "I'm just dressing this boy up for play," Mama said, neither her movements nor her voice betraying any change from the way they had been before the man's entrance. "He's not leaving this room!" the man commanded. "And why not?" Mama smiled, not looking at him as she picked a short sleeve shirt from the pile. She took my skinny little arms and guided my large hands to the sleeves. I stood fright- ened by Master Thorne and let my bare little body be clothed by the woman. "He'll run away," Master Thorne replied, his eyes not leaving my skinny body. "He promised he wouldn't, didn't he?" she asked, still smil- ing wryly as she guided my skinny arms through the sleeves. "Yes," the man replied reluctantly. "Well... sweetie, do you promise not to try to run away?" she asked me. I nodded frightfully, uncertain if I should agree with her or the pedo pics illegal underground man. Agreeing, again, not to virgin pedofilia run away, seemed to satisfy both of them. "A boy his age has to get out and run, Johnny," the woman said, almost ignoring both the man and my own nod of agreement. "Do you want him to be sickly?" "Of course not," Thorne said irritably. His eyes never left me as Mama buttoned the shirt up my skinny chest. "You must admit, I did find my pedo free pictures boy the best, didn't I?" "He's a right smart boy," Mama nodded, gently patting my chest as I stood there in shorts and shirt. "No shoes though, Mama," Thorne added sternly. "I don't want porno kiddy illegal pedo to give him any cause to run away." "A boy doesn't need shoes to play, do you, honey?" the woman asked. It took me a moment to respond because I wasn't sure she was talking to me. When I realized I'd been asked a question, I nodded in innocent, wholehearted agreement. Thus far, I had no reason to run away. I would have stayed in their small paradise forever, particularly after the experiences of the orphanage. "Yeah," Master Thorne said, and I could feel him smiling at me though I didn't look at him, "I picked a right smart boy." I felt him leaving and turned to watch him. His tall figure disappeared through the door and he was gone. "There, now," Mama smiled. "Are you hungry?" I could feel my eyes widen hopefully and I nodded my head up and down. I was very hungry. I felt her large hands resting on my little shoulders as she guided me out the room and down to the kitchen. There was a table there and she told me to sit down while she fixed my breakfast. Everything was already cooked so it was just a matter of dishing it up for me. I sat with my hands folded kds pedo politely in front of me as she placed the heaping plate in front of me. Then I attacked it hungrily. "My how growing boys can eat," Mama smiled watching me devour the meal. When I had finished, she gave my bottom a gentle slap out the door and I found myself facing a large expanse of lush green lawn. It seemed out of place in the dry, arid countryside, as if some garden had been placed there surrounded by brown, rocky mountains. I grinned, delighted to feel my bare feet as they stepped across the soft grass. Soon, I had broken into a run and I turned somersaults and cartwheels until I felt dizzy. For a long time I played on the grass before discovering an almost hidden path into a large garden. There was a man doing chores there and I delighted myself by playing hide and go seek with him. The man never saw me, or, if he did, he passed me off as a little boy at play and didn't say a word to me. After another long while at this childish play, I discovered another path leading off toward a barn down the hill. I slipped along this one as silently as if I were still playing hide and seek, watching for anyone who might see me. I wasn't afraid of being caught at anything; it was just fun to pretend that someone was looking for me. When I reached little girls pedo the barn door, I peered in and saw another man shoveling manure. The smell of farm animals was heavy in the air and I found it nostalgically pleasant, but I was more concerned with the man. His back was to me and, creep- ing silently on my bare toes, I slipped through the door and down a walkway away from him. There was a row of stalls stretched along one side of the walkway and I slipped into one. I stopped short when I realized that there was a horse inside. He was a tall, dark brown horse and I stared up at him in a mixture of wonder and fear. He looked back at me and I almost turned and ran as he walked gently over to me, his muzzle pressing against my chest. When I real- ized he wasn't going to hurt me, I grinned and started petting him. He seemed to like this a great deal and practically laid his head in my arms. Compared to me, he was huge and had to lean his brown head far over to nuzzle my chest. "Off for a ride, Master Eric?" I heard the man's voice ask from the other room. "Yeah," a boy's voice replied. It was the boy, alright, young pedo girls photos and I felt oddly frightened of him. I could hear him approaching the stall and looked frantically around for someplace to hide. There was some straw pushed into one corner, but I knew I couldn't reach it in time. Instead, I stood there cradling the horse's head against my chest and hoped that the boy would pass the stall by. He didn't, however. He turned into the stall then pulled up short when he saw me. We both stood there looking at each other; me frightened that I was going to get into trouble for sneaking into the barn; Eric... I wasn't sure why he was looking at me but he was looking very intently, his smooth, pale brown cheeks flushing slightly beneath his deep brown eyes. His black hair hung down into his forehead and fell in soft curls against his bare shoulders. He was wearing overalls without a shirt, an outfit I found intensely attractive for his tall, thin body. His shoulders and the bare skin of his upper chest looked unbeliev- ably soft and smooth, the same smooth, pale brown color of his adorable face. I found myself wondering what his slender chest would look like bare. I looked away from him, feeling embarrassed for how I was feeling, and let the horse's head go. I wished I could run away and I couldn't think of anything to say to the older boy. "His name's Useless," Eric said, his young, high pitched voice cracking slightly with puberty. "Why?" I asked, thinking it was a mean name to call a horse. "Because he's a gelding." The boy stepped into the room and stood on the other side of Useless, petting him with his big hand. "What does that mean?" I asked. "It means he doesn't have a penis," the boy replied, his cute face flushing brighter. The very word made me blush as brightly as Eric was and I looked away bashfully. "Do you want to go for a ride?" the boy asked, obviously aware of lesbian pedo incest my embarrassment. The thought of riding a horse thrilled me instantly, all but eclipsing my embarrassment. I looked up, my blue eyes sparkling eagerly. "Come on," Eric nodded, giving me room between he and Useless. I walked pedo fuck free cp over and lifted my hands to the horse's saddle. Eric leaned forward and his hands made a step for me. I stepped on them and his long, skinny arms and shoulders rippled gently as he pulled me up onto the horse's back. It was so high I felt a little dizzy and clutched to the saddle gasping nervously. Eric smiled up at me and I watched him pull himself up on the horse behind me. The saddle was man-sized and left plenty of room for two boys our age to sit comfortably. I could feel Eric's child porn pedo thighs spread wide and felt my body pressed down between his legs. Still, I was too excited about the horse to realize that the bulge pressed against my lower back was his gifted penis. The boy's slender arms wrapped around my skinny body and took hold of the reins. He clicked his tongue and kicked the horse gently, pulling the reins and causing the horse to whirl around facing out of the stall. I giggled nervously as the horse start- ed to walk toward the exit of the barn. The stable-master saw us leaving and stood watching, a knowing smile on his face. Soon, Eric had the horse galloping out into the fields sur- rounding the small village. I was terrified but felt secure in the arms of the older boy. We rode for several minutes in a straight line away from the house and it never occurred to me that I was leaving incest pedo nude the grounds. "Where are we going?" I shouted after about ten minutes. "Swimming!" Eric shouted back, close enough to my ear that it was easy to hear his voice crack. It looked to me like everything around us was dry and that water was a long way off, but I was too young to think that water was impossible. Nonetheless, a few minutes later Eric slowed the horse to a walk and guided pedo kidz it up over a low ridge of hard rock. On the far side, the smooth, tanned rock dropped down into a ravine and a creek of crystal clear water ran through the bottom. I smiled happily in the bright sunlight as Eric led the horse a little farther downstream. There, the creek widened into a deep kidz pedo fuck pool, the water so clear I could see the large, round rocks on the bottom. "Come on," Eric said, whirling off the horse and turning to reach up for me. The tall boy's hands slipped under my arms and he helped lower me slowly to the rock. He left Useless tethered and walked over to the creek. I followed with an excited skip of anticipation. It was a hot day and the thought of the cool water was a pleasant one. We stood about five pedo girl fuck feet above the water on a large, flat slab of rock. It felt smooth beneath my bare feet and warm from the sun. There was very little vegetation and we stood on the rock side by side, exposed to the clear blue sky and the warm, radiating daylight. I jumped slightly as I felt Erin's arm encircle my thin shoulders. He felt as nervous as I did by this and I looked free russain pedo sex at his big hand hanging from my shoulder. illegal sex pedo "What are you doing?" I asked, squinting up into his cute face. "Nothing," he replied, a little shyly. I shrugged slightly and accepted his friendly contact. If nothing else, I knew that I was his slave and that a good slave didn't trouble with things his master did. It felt comforting to be in the taller boy's arm and I felt good as I gazed down pedo mom son fuck into the clear water. I jumped again when I felt the older boy's other hand reach out and start to unbutton my shirt. "What are you doing?" I asked again as if it were the only thing I knew how to say. "Well, you can't swim with your shirt on," Eric said as he undid the first and second button. I looked down my pale, skinny body and watched my little boy chest appear. "I can do it myself," I said softly, confused by the con- flicting feelings I had, on the one hand enjoying the feel of the boy's hands on my clothes, on the other feeling intensely embar- rassed to be so vulnerable to a boy little older than I was. I had gotten somewhat used to having adults taking my clothes off. Eric was only thirteen. "It's okay," Eric said, his hand still unbuttoning my shirt. "That's why Pa bought you for me." I didn't know what he meant by this so I didn't say anything, just stood watching as my skinny belly appeared. Eric pulled the tails from my shorts and was able to reach illegal pedo pics vids the final button. He undid it and my shirt hung open down the front, my pale, skinny body half exposed. I looked down at my little belly button and the smooth, hairless skin surrounding it, swallowing nervously as the older boy slipped his hand partway beneath my shirt and rubbed it lightly across my skinny rib cage. I didn't ask him what he was doing this time, just stood there letting him caress my body. "You're really soft," he half-breathed, making me blush. I wasn't sure why the boy was touching me like that, but he seemed to like doing it and I, nervously, liked it too. I had the same uncomfortable feeling I'd had with the boy in the alley and, despite my nervousness, I wasn't going to run away from Eric like I had that boy. Besides, Eric owned me now, didn't he? I was just a slave boy and had better do what I was told or I was almost sure to get a beating. The memory of Oliver's slender, pale thighs and the purple welts was still clear in my mind. I felt Eric's big, light brown hand slide up my chest and he held softly to the small mound of my boyish muscles. He moved so that we were facing each other and I felt his hand sliding back down my vicky pedo rib kids pedo site cage and down my belly. It tickled, but I was too nervous to giggle, feeling my belly shiver with excitement as he slid over my belly button. When his hand reached for the snap and zipper to my shorts, however, I let out a startled cry and pulled it away. "Come on, Kelvin," he cooed into my ear. "You can't swim with your clothes on." "Why not?" I asked with boyish embarrassment. "Nobody does," he said, reaching for my zipper again. I pulled his hand away and he sighed. "Come on, Kelvin. You have to do it sooner or later." "Do what?" I asked in confusion. "Haven't you ever done it with another boy?" "Done what?" I was so confused I felt ready to cry. Why did everybody want to take my clothes off? "Are you a virgin?" the boy asked, sounding as embarrassed as I felt, his big hand returning to my chest and holding naked pedo rompl pics it light- ly. The touch seemed to effect me someplace inside and I had trouble breathing. My mouth dropped open, my blue eyes staring at his soft brown hand on my smooth, pale skin. "What's a virgin?" I asked quietly. I couldn't look up at the cute boy and just stood there with my little chest exposed, his long, slender arm still holding to my shoulders as his long fingers tenderly petted my baby soft body. I could feel him smiling down at me in a mixture of adoration and uncertainty as I felt his smooth, gentle hands slide up and down my skinny rib cage. I felt so confused, a large part of me wanting to cry while something deep inside begged me to collapse against the boy and let him take me and do whatever he wanted to do. Eric didn't seem too concerned by my prepubescent confusion, however, and just stood there holding my little body in his big hands and smiling down at me. His deep brown eyes were looking down into my face, his smooth cheeks flushed, looking like he was as much in love with my innocence as he was with my body. "Don't be scared," he smiled softly. "Afraid of what?" my high pitched voice half cried. Eric let out a brief little laugh and leaned down. I swal- lowed nervously as I felt his lips press against my cheek, the thirteen year old's large hands sliding slowly up and down my skinny rib cage, fingertips caressing my naked skin. I stood panting nervously as lola porn teen pedo the older boy's fingers slipped across my hairless little underarms, his hands moving over my shoulders, pushing my shirt open wider. They slid across the top of my shoulders as they guided my shirt back far enough that it was able to slip down my arms, my skinny little chest swelling for air as it was bared to the warm sunlight and the cool breeze. I looked down at my pale skin and little nipples, saying nothing and doing nothing to stop the boy as he helped the shirt over my elbows until it fell to the rock below. His hands felt so big as they took hold of my little chest, fingers slipping into my hairless armpits again. Again the boy leaned down to kiss me, his warm lips now caressing my bare shoulder and small collarbones. "What are you doing?" I whimpered nervously. "Trust me," he breathed, his lips scarcely leaving my baby soft skin. "It feels good." I didn't know what he was talking about, but what he had done so far did feel good. Were it not for my embarrassment and confusion at having my small body touched like he was doing, I would have enjoyed it very much. As it was, I stood there shi- vering nervously as the boy's big hands and moist lips moved over my chest and little nipples. "Are we going swimming?" I asked softly, hoping to distract the boy. He grinned and stood back up, his big hands sliding down my ribs and releasing me. I looked up at him in embarrassment. He was adorable when he grinned, his teeth so white and perfect, his deep brown eyes twinkling, his smooth brown cheeks blushing, dark brown hair brushed over to the side but still falling into his eyes. Despite his blush, however, he really didn't look as embarrassed as I was. Still, he was gentle and willing to go slowly with a boy as small and innocent as I was. I almost wished I hadn't stopped him, so nice did his hands feel on my chest. I swallowed, embarrassed now that I'd said something to make him think I didn't want to be his friend, and stood there blushing, wearing nothing but my cut offs. I had to remember to be more cooperative with a boy if I wanted him to like me. "Okay," the young pubescent boy smiled down at me. I found my eyes looking up as the boy reached up and slipped one of the straps to his overalls down his shoulder. His arms were long and skinny, but his small shoulders were gently rippled with young muscle and his skin looked extremely soft and smooth, the same soft brown of his face. He was still looking at me and smiling as he slipped the other strap over his shoulder, but the blush in his cheeks seemed to grow brighter. My eyes were riveted to the boy's long, skinny body as he lowered the front panel of the overalls and bared his small chest. He wasn't a muscular boy, but his chest did swell visibly beneath his nipples in small, hard mounds. His nipples themselves were very small and colored a deep brown. Against his smooth brown skin and hard muscles, they were particularly cute and were growing tinier as the cool breeze touched them. His abdomen was very long and rippled with his ribs and smooth, flat belly. This made his chest look even smaller, his abdomen running so thin and long, the skin soft and smooth looking. He had a small belly button and it was surrounded by the smoothest skin of all. It felt strange to think a boy's abdomen was beautiful, but Eric's was so smooth and brown looking and his little belly button looked so cute surrounded by that soft, perfect skin that beauti- ful was the only word I could think of. I stared at his bared chest, so fascinated by its youthful beauty that my embarrassment temporarily lessened to allow me to gaze at him. I found myself infatuated with his abdomen. It looked so firm with his gently rippling muscles, but the skin that covered it looked so soft and perfect, the pale brown com- plexion of his boy flesh running unblemished all around his belly button and up across his boyish rib cage. His abdomen was so long and slender it just made the small mounds of his boy chest look even more attractive. I thought he was incredibly beautiful and felt a pang of jealousy for his pubescent body. All of this passed in seconds, however, for the boy's big hands were soon pulling the overalls farther down. It took me a moment to realize that the boy wasn't wearing a swimsuit or underwear beneath the overalls and it wasn't until I actually saw the first dark hairs of his peach fuzz that I knew the boy was stripping naked. His belly grew paler the farther down the overalls slipped but was still baby soft and light brown. The skin looked wonder- fully smooth and perfect right up until the soft downy fuzz of his young puberty. When I saw the little patch of boy hairs appear, my heart skipped a beat and I swallowed nervously. They looked so little and soft, but very dark against his pale brown skin. The only thing that startled my boyish mind more than his boy fuzz was when his penis began to appear. Even at the base, I could tell he had a much larger penis than I had. If I were to have been doing what he was doing, my little wiener would have appeared almost immediately and all at once. With Eric's young pedo incest videos manhood, I could see a full inch of it appear, reaching down into his overalls, surrounded by the little circle of his downy peach fuzz. My mouth felt dry and I licked my lips reflexively, still staring in surprise as more of the boy's cock appeared. It had the same pale brown color as his soft belly, the skin running smooth and unblemished down his long shaft. It wasn't terribly thick, but it looked thick to a little boy who was used to seeing his own little boyhood. By the time his big cock cleared the overalls, it was hanging down more than five inches, monstrous to a boy my age, as big as Sandy's, maybe bigger. It wasn't erect, but it had thickened more than normal and looked more rubbery than limp, as if it would flare into an erection at any second. The thing that startled me most about his penis, apart from its sheer size and downy peach fuzz, was the fact that it didn't seem to have a head at all. The boy's foreskin so perfectly covered the young thing that it looked like his shaft just ran all the way in soft boyishness and ended pedo japan girl in a smooth, round ball of smooth skin. I had seen boys with foreskins in the orphanage, of course, so I had some idea of what they were, but Eric's was so smooth I was momentarily confused. It was only the round bulge of his head beneath the soft skin that helped me realize that it really was just his foreskin. It looked so pretty, I found myself wishing I had one, too. I continued to stare at the beautiful, thirteen year old penis as the boy's long, smooth legs lifted from the overalls and his big feet were bared in turn. It looked even more beautiful as it moved gently from side to side as he moved, swinging ever so gently on his testicles, still looking on the verge of erec- tion. He set the overalls down on the rock, then stood up with his hands on his hips. He stood there naked like a pubescent god and I stood a few feet from him, mouth hanging open, gazing at him with adoration, though I was still too young to know what adoration was. His body, for all its gangly youth, his over-long arms and legs, his big, clumsy hands and feet, and his skinny firmness, were unbe- lievably beautiful to my eyes, the skin so soft and pedo incest thumbs smooth, the pale brown complexion of his flesh so perfect it seemed to beg me to touch it. pedo illegals For a long while, I stood there and stared at the gentle ripples of his smooth rib cage and the firm contours of his small muscles. With his hands on his hips, I could even look up into his armpits and see that they were hairless and the same smooth, pale color of his young body. I swallowed with painful longing. He was so phenomenally beautiful to my young eyes that I didn't even think about being embarrassed to stare at it until I sudden- ly realized he was looking at me. I glanced up and saw the tall, cute boy smiling down at me. I blushed instantly and looked away. I could hear him smiling at my childish embarrassment, but I didn't look up again. "It's okay?" he said, and I could hear him grinning through his high pitched boy voice. "What?" I asked, with bashful defiance. I knew what he was talking about, of course, but I wasn't about to admit it. "You can look," he grinned. "I wasn't looking," I insisted, still in a small, childish voice. I stood there looking away, feeling the boy smiling at me, but refused to hentai pedo pussy look up. torture pedo "Take your shorts off," he said, still smiling. I didn't say anything. The thought of showing my hairless little penis to a boy with a cock the size of his was the most embarrassing thing of all and I was definitely going to keep it hidden behind the safety of my zipper. "Come on, Kelvin," the young boy giggled. He folded his long arms across his skinny little chest and stood back on one long leg, causing his big penis to dangle slightly and recapture my attention. It was so beautiful, the smooth, brown bag of his scrotum looking smooth and hairless as it held his young, oval testicles. "Come on," Eric goaded again, happily switching legs so his penis swung before my eyes. His goading was so playful, that I blushed and felt myself smiling in excited embarrassment. It was kind of fun knowing the boy wanted to see me naked and I was half tempted for all my innocence. Nonetheless, I just looked down, blushing and smiling like a cherub. I would look silly compared to him, my little penis too hairless and white. "Kelvin," the boy's voice drew me to look up. When my eyes met his, he grinned and glanced down at my little body. "Come on," he goaded yet again. I blushed even brighter, my ears feeling hot now. I was right on the verge of complying pedo forced sex when I felt the tall, skinny boy moving closer to me. He stopped less than a foot away. I start- ed to look up at him, but my eyes stopped at his big penis again, staring at the soft, pale brown skin as it dangled like rubber on his large testicles and downy peach fuzz, his long, slender thighs running in baby soft skin below. My smile slipped from my crimson face as I stared at the young boy organ, now only inches from my eyes, my bashful brain astonished by how beautiful it was and unable to look away from it. Something was drawing my hand to reach for it and my innocent mind was filled with imaginations of how nice it would feel pressed against my palm. male pedo Nonetheless, I didn't move to touch it. My body jerked as Eric's big hands again reached out and held to my slender belly. I was so thin and the boy's hands were so large that he could almost touch his fingers and thumbs together. I could feel my belly quivering nervously as he rubbed slowly up my rib cage and up under my arms, the heel of his palms rubbing over the little mounds of my boy chest until I started to pant with the gentle, ticklish pleasure. "You're so little," he smiled down at me as his hands rubbed down my ribs again, tickling me enough to make me giggle, but filling me with so much confusion about the feelings inside of me that I just stood there with my belly quivering. I caught my breath as the thirteen year old moved one of his hands pedo hidden to softly caress my cheek and blond hair and the other reached for the button to my shorts. I stared down and started panting more nervously in bashful embarrassment as I watched him undo the button, saw my pale belly appear above the elastic band to my underwear. The boy's hand rubbed against my neck comfortingly as his long fingers took hold of my zipper and slowly pulled it down. I whimpered childishly and the boy's soothing young voice breathed "Don't be afraid." He was so slow and gentle that I did nothing to resist as I felt his fingers slip down my open fly, rub gently against the small mound of my boyhood in my underpants. This filled my belly with all sorts of strange pleasures and I panted louder, my blue eyes staring down at him fondling me in nervous fascination. "That's a boy," he cooed, leaning over close to my ear and kissing my smooth cheek again. One of his fingers was feeling up and down the limp little shaft of my penis and it felt real weird as his lips smacked silently against my face and his other hand held lovingly to the nape of my neck. He moved the other hand down over my little shoulder and over my small chest. When he reached my shorts, both hands took hold of them and I stood powerless to resist as he pulled them down my smooth, skinny thighs, over my knobby knees and down to my feet. Reflexively, I stepped out of them without thinking and stood in my white cotton underwear blushing horrendously. Somewhere in my mind, I still believed that the boy would stop there and not bare my little penis. There was little pedo stories free chance of that. baby pedo portal The tall boy stood up and I felt his hands take hold of my thin shoulders. They drew me closer to him and I panted in confusion as I felt my little body press against his baby soft chest. His long arms wrapped around me and I could feel him rubbing his cheek against my hair as he hugged me to him. His skinny body felt warm and smooth against my bare chest. It was hard with muscles and ribs, but his skin was so soft that I could do nothing but stand there, arms hanging at my sides, my cheek laying against the small mound beneath illegal pedo free his little nipple as his hands and arms rubbed over my thin back and shoulders. I could just feel the pressure of his big penis against my belly and down against the bulge in my underwear, could imagine his downy peach fuzz rubbing against my belly button, and I suddenly knew that what he was doing to me was like what the boys in the orphanage had done. This was different, however, mostly because it felt so nice. Through his slow gentleness, I felt loved somehow and I stood there enjoying private pedo the sensation of his body and affection without protest. I swallowed nervously when I heard the young boy moan softly. I could feel his penis growing against my underwear and against my belly, getting longer and feeling harder. I had seen enough of erections by now to know that he was getting one and it made me nervous. Soon, his big cock was pulsing down between my legs, the foreskin covered end poking against my smooth thigh. There was an urgency between his legs now and I could feel it as it throbbed against my little boyhood. Eric sighed and moaned softly, and I felt him loosen his hold on me, pulling his young hips back away from my body, his swollen penis finally slipping from between my legs and poking up against my belly. His long arms enfolded me again and he smiled against my hair as he pressed his warm, rock hard penis against my naked belly button. Erect, the boy's boner was seven inches long, more than three times bigger than mine. Like preeten pedo child links his young body, however, it was long and slender. It felt nice throbbing between our bellies, but there was still the urgency that filled it and that urgency filled me with uneasiness. Instinctively, I knew I liked the feeling of his penis, but I was still a naive little boy and its sheer size and excitement confused pedo illegal cp me and made me afraid. If Eric was aware of this, he gave no sign save for the gentle, loving movements of his hands across my thin shoulders. I felt so little against his taller body and was so confused that I still did nothing but stand there motionless. The young tee- nager moaned again and I felt him very gently pumping his hips against me, causing his engorged penis to rub slightly between our bellies in his fleshy foreskin. The rhythmic movements of his naked body reminded me of the boys in the orphanage, but his were slower and more gentle. It felt nice to me, but I somehow knew it felt nicer to the pubescent boy. He continued doing this for a couple of minutes while his hands and arms continued to rub all over my back and along my skinny ribs. I was trying to sort out all the confusions in my mind while I enjoyed the rhythmic movements of his smooth, young body, the baby soft caresses of his small boy chest against mine. His slow movements seemed to touch something deep in my mind, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I understood just enough to know that I didn't want him to stop and wanted to see the full thing through to completion. Still, I did nothing to help him. When he stepped away from me, my eyes looked immediately at his big erection. It was growing red with excitement now and I stared at it pulsing up and down rhythmically, looking harder than granite. His pale brown foreskin had retreated from his penis head and now collared it in gentle folds of soft skin. His penis head was a darker shade of brown than his foreskin and was so hard it was shining, reflecting the sunlight that touched it. It looked like it was growing purple with his pubescent excite- ment. It stuck out perfectly japan pedofilia gallery straight, seven slender inches of young manhood, caressed at the base by his soft, dark peach fuzz. Beneath it, his smooth child pedo porn video brown scrotum held his big testicles in a round ball tightly against the underside of his erection. Neith- er his scrotum nor his thighs had the slightest amount of hair and they looked as baby soft as the rest of his smooth body. I swallowed and looked up at his cute face. He was looking down at his big cock, too. The smile was still on his face, but it was faltering, uncertain whether he should illegal pedo porn toplist pant or smile, the young boy obviously preoccupied by his erection. Still, when he looked up into my eyes, he grinned, his deep brown eyes gazing at me with adoration. "Touch it," he grinned. I blushed and looked back down at it pulsing up and down with the intensity of his excitement. I smiled in embarrassment and watched the hard, stiff thing throb-bing. Bashfully, I shook my head and looked away, carrying the picture of it in my mind. My attention was brought pedo forum ru back instantly when the older boy's big hand suddenly cupped the little bulge in my underwear. It felt wonderful and warm and filled my little penis with a sudden sensation of pleasure that made me pant. It felt so good I actually smiled and looked up at the taller boy's pretty face again. He grinned down at me, the tip of his tongue sticking out between his teeth as he watched the prepubescent pleasure in my face. The older boy giggled at me as I looked down at his soft brown hand gently rubbing my little penis bulge. I really liked this and even my fear of his raging hard-on seemed to evaporate beneath the joy I felt in my young boyhood. In childish in- nocence, my skinny arms raised and I held them loosely across my chest, still smiling down at my underwear. I was suddenly eager to take them off and bare my hairless little penis, but wasn't about to volunteer that information to the wiser boy. He was smart enough to know, however, or, even if he wasn't, he suddenly reached both hands out and took hold of the elastic band. I panted in frantic bashfulness and astonished excitement as the boy peeled the tight cotton down over my hips and easily young cuties pedo down my thighs. He gave a quick glance and smile at my hairless little penis, then proceeded to pull my underpants all pedo sweet angels the way down my smooth, hairless legs. Panting as quietly as I could, a high pitched whimper escaped my lips as I stepped out of them and the boy tossed them on the rock beside us. "Ohhhh," he smiled as he stood up, looking down at my pink little boyhood. It was very pale child pedo sites pics and very little, particularly beside the big, engorged organ between Eric's smooth, elongated thighs. It sat on my round, little testicles, as if my hairless pink scrotum was holding the little thing up. It looked like a limp piece of flesh, almost white, the skin as smooth and unble- mished as the rest of my small body. Unlike Eric, however, my little penis head was naked, the circumcised flesh on the little shaft just touching the small ridge of the pale purple head. All around it, over my belly, across my skinny thighs, covering my small testicles, was nothing but smooth, pale boy skin, without a single hair. Even I thought the little thing was pretty. It wasn't beautiful like Eric's erection, but it was pretty in its naked childhood. "It's so pretty," Eric breathed, his big hands again taking hold of my thin little shoulders and pulling me into his long arms. His big penis again pressed against my belly and I could now feel the warm underside of his scrotum laying against my naked boyhood. It was bewildering, the strange sensations best links pedo of pleasure that caressed my little penis. My entire body felt wonderful against the warmth of his soft skin and I panted in awed wonder as his big hands rubbed across my skinny back. "That's a good boy," Eric cooed into my ear, his slender hips again pressing his big erection against my body. I could feel the hardness of his cock as it moved up and down in his foreskin, pressed against my soft belly. It felt good and I felt so boy- ishly infatuated with his pubescent cock that I soon felt my skinny arms raising, felt them moving around his thin abdomen and wrapping slowly around his baby soft body. This felt even better and I felt waves of warm love flooding my childish body and caressing my boyhood as it rubbed softly against his testicles. Eric was panting, but grinning happily as he stood up away from me, my arms leaving his soft back with disappointment. "I've never had my own boy before," he confessed, as if he were embarrassed to admit it. I didn't know what he was talking about, but didn't think about it too long. I was looking at his baby soft belly and longing to feel my body against it once again. His penis was so big in its erection that the half ex- posed head actually throbbed higher than his little belly button. pedo kid fuck pics It was astonishing and looked so pretty with his little circle of boy fuzz. "Come on," Eric said, his big hand grabbing my skinny wrist and guiding me down on the rock with him. I sat down on it and the older boy gently pressed on my shoulders until I was porn pedo young child laying down on my back, my hairless, naked body exposed beneath the warm sun, my skinny arms laying nervously at my sides. Eric laid down beside me, and turned to face me. This caused his erection to lay against my thigh and I could feel it rubbing against my bare skin as it throbbed up and down. The older boy rested on one arm while he reached out with the other and started petting my little chest with his hand. My body was swelling now as I struggled to breathe and I lay there feeling totally vulnerable to the excited thirteen year old. He was too eager to waste much more time on my little chest and the little muscles around my small belly button shivered as I felt his big hands moving lower. My blue eyes were locked on my limp little penis, laying back on my belly now from the small, hairless mound between my legs. Eric's hand looked so big and brown against my little wiener and pale boy skin. I knew he was going to touch it, but my whole body flinched when I felt the first contact of his fingers between my legs. I was astonished that my little boyhood could feel such things. It wasn't anything like having another part of my body touched and it wasn't even quite like the feeling I had when other people I had known had touched it. It was like Eric knew how to awaken something in the hairless little thing and I suddenly knew that my penis was more than I had ever thought it to be before. Eric's fingers felt all over the small, limp flesh, tenderly caressing the little, purple head, gently feeling the smooth, hairless boy skin surrounding it, stroking my little testicles and smooth, hairless scrotum. I was panting quickly, loving every touch of his tender hand, but the boy stopped before I was ready for him to stop. pedo gay free I looked nervously over at Eric, but his deep brown eyes were locked on my little boyhood. I felt his chest rub against my ribs as he crawled partway on top of me, his head moving closer to my penis. Before he reached it, he suddenly sat up beside me, his big, seven inch cock sticking straight out from between his smooth, creamy teeny top cp pedo thighs. He looked down at my limp penis a moment longer, then slowly leaned over. His hand moved between my legs and he took my little peter between his thumb and forefinger, holding the small thing up, pointing it toward his face. I stared transfixed, my mouth hanging open in astonishment as he leaned far enough over that he actually kissed the little purple head. This sent another streak of pleasure between my legs and I whimpered with pleasure and nervous fear. The older boy opened his lips enough to expose the slimy skin inside and kissed my little penis head again. This time I could feel the warm, sliminess rub against my childish purple glans and still greater pleasure touched me until I cried softly. Eric's eyes glanced up at me and he smiled slightly, but his lips didn't leave my penis head, his long fingers still holding my limp cock tenderly. He wrapped his lips farther around the head and I lay crying softly in wonder. His mouth felt so warm and slimy and it felt so good on my penis. Somewhere in my little testicles, I could feel a tingling and could feel my pedo sex guide pulse beating. I knew I was about to get a boner and I felt ashamed, my face feeling hot as I blushed horrendous- ly. I didn't want the boy to see my naked erection. There was no stopping it, however. Eric was dragging his slimy lips over my sensitive little penis head and I couldn't stop it from get- ting hard. It stiffened in what seemed to be less than a second. One moment it lay there limply between the boy's thumb and fore- finger and suddenly it was getting longer and stiffer. In no time, it was sticking straight out and I could feel it pulsing with my rapid heartbeat, the head forming a small, hard knob against Eric's slimy lips. I could see the firm ridge of the purple head grow harder, strongly pronounced against the skinny, white shaft that led to it. It grew to its full two inch, pre- pubescent beauty and I could see the purple coloring of the head growing brighter, soon shining as brightly as Eric's brown one and glistening with his slimy saliva. The boy still held it between his thumb and forefinger as it stood out its full, boyish glory. His slimy lips were kissing the my little glans over and over again, leaving little trails of drool between the cock and his lips. The smooth, hairless skin around it looked even odder now, the small dimple at its base exposed, the small mound between my legs fully visible. My erection, for all its boyish beauty, looked so little in his fingers and it felt so good I couldn't believe it was part of my body. Eric let his other fingers slip down against my hairless pubic mound and I could feel him petting the smooth skin as he continued rubbing his lips across my penis head. Whimpering excitedly, I looked at the naked boy's smooth body. I could see muscles ripple along his slender shoulders, his brown skin looking as soft as I knew it to be. Against his belly, his huge penis was throbbing fantastically and I wondered distantly what it would feel like to have a penis so big it practically poked against my chest. If my hairless little penis felt so good, I could only imagine how wonderful a big penis like his would feel, his with its soft downy hairs. My eyes shot back to my erect best pedo portal boyhood as Eric's lips slid down over the head and slowly down the little shaft. I could feel his slimy, warm pedofilia bss tongue sticking out to touch it, felt it licking against the sensitive little head, flicking lightly at the tiny slit I peed from until I thought I'd cry from pleasure. Instead I just whimpered louder through my ragged breathing, confused by all the things my body was doing to me, as if it were out of my control now, had become something dominated by the stiff little cock sticking into the other boy's mouth. He swallowed all of my penis into his mouth and held his lips pressed against my hairless pubic mound as his tongue rubbed all over it, rhythmically up and down the skinny, two inch shaft and over the pulsing little head. I could see his smooth cheeks sinking in, felt his mouth pulling my little penis deeper into it. The pleasure running through my erection now pedo net pictures was quite startling and much more intense than the simple caresses his fingers had given it when it was limp. His mouth felt warm and slimy, a strange feeling for a boy who thought his penis was just a strange thing to tinkle from. It was more than that, I knew already, several minutes before my first orgasm. Just the pleas- ure of that young boy's tongue rubbing against the sensitive glans made me realize one thing deep inside: my penis was soon going to be the most important thing in my young life. I lay there whimpering in startled amazement, staring at my hairless little cock sticking straight up into the thirteen year old's slimy lips. He was sucking on it and rubbing his tongue over the sensitive head and I could feel the pleasure growing greater and greater. I could feel my body squirming slowly on the rock as my thin hips urged me to pump up and down. It was too difficult a thing to do lying down so instead I felt my skinny legs straightening, searching for something to latch onto as my mind was awash with the pleasure between them. My hands grasped for something to hold onto but there was just the rock. Still, my skinny arms flexed with the useless effort. Eric's lips slid up my two inch erection and he released it. I stared at it, watching the shiny, slimy, purple head pulsing visibly, saw the boy's saliva covering it from knobby little head to hairless testicles and pubic mound. The cool breeze touched it and I yearned for the warm slime of the boy's mouth. "Do you like it?" Eric smiled up at my eager face, his fingers still pointing the little boner kids hard pedo straight up between my legs. He grinned, seeing the awe and wonder in my eyes, and turned back to my boyhood. He kissed the head several times again, reminding me of the beauty of his slimy mouth, and I let out a startled cry as he pressed it against his pursed lips, let the young thing press its way between them, his lips hugging tightly to my little head as it slipped slowly inside. Once the little knob was buried between his lips, he slid them down on the skinny, white shaft and I watched it disappearing inside again. By the time he reached my pubic mound, I was crying loudly, my skinny little body stiffening as hard as my penis, small ribs bulging, skinny thighs rippling with muscle. Without volition, my small hands reached for his dark brown hair, held his head between my legs. His hair was very soft, but all I was thinking about was my stiff, excited boner. Eric's smooth cheeks sunk in again for a brief moment, but he didn't just hold my penis this time. This time, he pulled his lips back up until he was sucking on just the little head. My hard, rippling body squirmed uncontrollably and my high pitched voice moaned as still greater pleasure raced up and down the skinny two inches, sweeping my belly, making my heart beat rapid- ly. There was a smile on his lips which was a little pics pedo russian strange since my skinny cock was poking between them right where they were thickest. In an instant, they plunged down on my cock then slowly slid back up making my high pitched voice squeal with the pleasant sensation. His tongue was still licking it madly, along the shaft when it was buried in his mouth, just the little head when he was sucking it. Soon, his lips descended on my little erection again and the excited boner slipped into the warm slime in greater pleasure. His fingers slipped from the skinny shaft and his lips pressed down against my hairless pubic mound, his hands petting the smooth skin around my cock, fingers stroking my small scrotum until I cried desperately in frightened boyhood. The pleasure was getting so great now that I was getting scared. My penis was so hard I thought it was going to explode with the frantic beat- ing of my heart. I had never felt such pleasure and it was a frightening thing for a little boy to feel in his penis, and mine was so little it could hardly be expected to contain such joy. Eric didn't seem very worried by my frightened cries and his lips moved up my little shaft again, long fingers stroking the hairless skin between my legs. He sucked on the head for a moment, then plunged his lips rapidly back down on it. "What are you doing?" I cried when I was certain that my penis was lost to me forever and that the pleasure would never stop. The sucking boy didn't answer, just pulled slowly back on his lips then rapidly plunging downward again. I was definitely crying now, frightened and consumed with prepubescent pleasure I was too young to understand. My mind was pleading with the boy to stop, while my penis begged for his mouth, yearned for more pleasure, my skinny little body squirming and relishing the wonder of puberty. "NO!" I cried out when the pleasure suddenly multiplied fantastically. My body stiffened even harder, on the verge of cramping my little muscles, then suddenly exploded, my skinny hips thrusting upward as pleasure raced madly into my penis, filled my body with hard, aching delight and terror. I could feel little muscles in my tiny boyhood flexing and each flex was accompanied by an extremely pleasant wave of warm, all consuming happiness and a jolting shock of tightly exploding muscles all through my skinny arms and legs. I was so frightened by this that all I could do was lay there grunting in childish confusion with every jerk of my naked little body. The intensity of orgasm left me rather suddenly and I felt a warm pleasure fill my penis, run in a wave of soothing warmth cross my belly, filling my arms and legs with a deep sense of relief that eased the frantic tension in my boy muscles. I continued to whimper but my grunts grew more distant and less frantic. Despite my shock and fear, the release of my pent up orgasm forced my muscles to relax; they felt too tired to contin- ue and I felt them easing until I lay flat on the rock as if unable to move. Eric was still sucking on my penis and it still felt very nice, but it wasn't quite as intense as my orgasm had been. I could tell that it was still hard but it had lost the aching that had started to touch it at the base. Now it free pedo upskirts just felt stiff and I didn't feel it throbbing any more. The young boy didn't seem very eager to release my boyhood and I didn't feel eager for him to release it. Instead, I laid there watching my small chest swelling with every breath and let myself pedosex pix bask in the warm pleas- ure of my post-orgasm, the warm, soothing rays of the sun over- head. Eric's lips weren't rubbing up and down on my boyhood now, but his tongue was still rubbing it and his mouth was still warm and slimy. After two minutes of his gentle love for my penis, the boy slid his lips up the hairless little erection and pulled them away, giving the purple head one last gentle kiss as he left it. For a moment, a stream of his slimy saliva connected his lips to my boyhood, but the boy grinned and wiped it away with his big hand. He licked the excess saliva from his lips then smiled happily at me, his eyes filled with